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22 February 2009 @ 05:28 pm
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Well, its time for our first challenge of Session 5! I can't believe we're already on our 5th Session. Anyhow, Rules are below, and the challenge is below the cut.

Oh, and there's still plenty of time to sign up! Make sure you read the rules, and comment with your user name and the secret sentence on the sign-up post. I will be accepting participants until I post the voting at midnight!

- You must submit one icon.
- Use only the picture provided.
- Textures, brushes, and text are allowed; no animation.
- Your icons must be submitted under LiveJournal standards (i.e., under 40kb, 100x100 pixels, and in .jpg, .png, or .gif format).
- Entries must be submitted with your icon and url. For example, see User Info & Rules.
- Do Not post or share your icon until the voting is over, and the winner is posted. Icon must remain anonymous. Entries will be screened. If you have any questions, you can ask them here. Just do so in a separate comment from your entry.

Deadline - Saturday, February 28th, at 11:59PM PST Pacific Standard Time

Round 1

Need them in:
02. joaniedearest
04. moregoth
15. ncis_fan23
Skips cannot be used this round.

Have them in:
01. jethros_mom
03. myene_01
05. katiegsr
06. meekosan
07. kaeleighjustice
08. fo_poozle
09. dine7184
10. bananacosmic
11. cartography
12. tomo_p
13. piperhollyalway
14. csichick_2
16. bluna81
17. dolcissimo
18. nicis_anatomy
19. gerryswenchie
20. night_sunshine
21. tiah15
22. kirrilee_t
23. pierhias
24. so_bazaar
25. madd_asa_hatter
26. cosmicwaffles
27. jhava
28. heimedall
29. karababe_64